Entertainment Revolution AXS Group
Entertainment Revolution
Entertainment Revolution

Secret Direct, an international direct marketing cosmetic company approached the AXS group with the challenge to engage over 3000 attendees from all over the world throughout their 3 day conference in Phoenix, Arizona.    Highlighting their conference theme of Revolution […]

Best of Colorado Festival Cuna AXS Group
Best of Colorado Festivals
Best of Colorado Festivals

How do you take 1,800 guests to every major festival in Colorado in just one night? Easy, you bring those festivals to them!  A spacious city park was the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy cultural performances, distinct menu selections, […]

The Classics Reimagined AXS Group
“The Classics – Reimagined”
"The Classics - Reimagined"

“The Classics – Reimagined” theme truly transported the University of Denver’s guests into a grand library, showcasing traditional art forms in new ways.  Imagine pages of a book, hand-crafted to serve as the charger at each place setting, faux stacks […]

Rock n Roll Band AXS Group
Rock N’ Roll Ball
Rock N' Roll Ball

For the seventh consecutive year, our team has had the privilege of working with National Jewish Health for their annual Beaux Arts Ball. Every year we provide entertainment and creative services centered around a specific theme, and this year the […]

Winter Wonderland Tours AXS Group
Winter Wonderland of Tours
Winter Wonderland of Tours

Converging on Vail, CO from around the globe, AXS Group created a customized winter tour program for nearly 100 high-tech incentive trip winners enjoying a week long Rocky Mountain experience.  The first class ski program catered to all abilities with […]

Focus Transportation AXS Group
FOCUS on Transportation
FOCUS on Transportation

For SEEK2015, AXS Group sourced, planned, strategically routed and managed a total of 4,733 students on 87 buses originating from 55 campuses across the US all descending on Nashville, TN.  Coaches journeyed from as far as Colorado and Connecticut tallying […]

Destination Imagination AXS Group
Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination

“Destination Imagination” took guests on a trip to four unique destinations, all without leaving their seats!  The evening’s journey began in the airport lounge, with a custom song performed by our flight crew.  With blindfolds in place, a team of […]

Ignite Production AXS Group
Ignite Production
Ignite Production

“Ignite” wowed guests with an unrivaled production and technical entertainment experience.  Five screens, including squared “live canvas” feeds bookended the 1920×1080 screens, simulating a widescreen without added expense.  Slow burning flame animation and a multitude of fire effects further enhance […]

AXS Group Entertainment Final Night Gala
Final Night Gala
YPO Conference Final Night Gala

AXS Group’s challenge was to out-do the previous year’s final night gala. Since this event was in Colorado, the theme became a two-part event. The first part of the evening highlighted daytime in Colorado in the summer. Production elements, entertainment, décor […]

AXS Group Team Building Challenge
Teambuilding Challenge
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Teambuilding Challenge

AXS Group’s challenge was to develop a a fun teambuilding experience for 150 pharmaceutical sales reps having their annual conference in New Orleans. The experience was also tasked with giving back to the community that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. […]